21 Jun 2008

One United Front for Sabah

Here’s a pop quiz for all of you and a very good one.. who is the king of sabah?Who else if not those band of PTIs. My mind can’t stop pondering on how immortal are them to our law and justice as if they can do whatever they want or like and the law enforcement do nothing but to keep on advising our people to be more careful towards those PTIs. Tell me please, how to keep on this alarm mode and precaution if they are everywhere and to do bad acts freely around the clock? This is one ugly face of reality. We are flooded by an army of the unseen.

Take a good look around and think a little bit. How many of them and compare it to our locals on the streets, markets, malls, parks, bus stops, etc. Take a look at their little children roaming around homeless and their youth terrorizing the streets while their elders are among the fearful people there is. Not forgetting the drug smuggling, murders, etc. Destruction of our own culture.

I have another fearful thought towards them. Their population is way bigger than us, locals. We are really really outnumbered by an extreme margin. This is what most people should by now realize. Everything out there is being stolen from us. This is an unseen imperialism. Wake up my friends!! You are being robbed day and night, 24 7. Do you really want this to happen?

There another threat regarding to this. I don’t think our people are forever ready to confront those band of PTIS if war is sparked. Do you? Do you know that the ‘neighboring’ parties are clamming back our homeland as one of their’s? I wonder how many arms have they been hiding for that purpose of clamming back by force? Are you ready for war? We are writing our own destruction if none of us try to let the mass aware of this.

Do you think that our brothers in the peninsular will come to combat the war together with us here if it really happens? Even if it so, how many of our people have already been slaughtered before our brothers arrive for the help? I tell you a secret, if the time comes, we don’t even have the time to get the ‘parang panjang‘ from the kitchen but those PTIs have already M16, AK-47, Molotov, etc. in hands while bombing freely and killing.

They are the unseen army of our own enemy. They are here in front of our eyes but everyone just keep it silent and low. My gosh, I don’t know what and how to say it anymore. I really hope that I’ll always going to sing ‘Sabah Tanah Air ku’. This is truely a national crisis but sad to say, not even our own so called leaders want to take note on this. I hope that what I’ve been blabbing out for the past 1 hour can spark, even a little bit, that’s enough for me of your awareness to this matter.

Together we stand for one mother, one nation and one united front.

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SR215 berkata...

SAPP already voiced out their concern on the PTI problem by presenting the vote of no confidence with such cause to be among reason to validate their action. All Sabahan should be united to support his back despite facing flamings of other minister and govt appointed officer concerning the effectiveness and give-face culture to Malays in Peninsula.

By the way, to give back Labuan to Sabah is a bit way overboard. If free duty status was given for the Federal Territory title, or LOFSA was awarded for the same reason of Federal Territory - more peoples will suffer following the cancellation in such privileges.

Anyway, nice picture you have.