13 Disember 2011

Thank You Lord


Thank You Lord for the blessings You give
For Your love and guidance each day I live
Every breath I take is a blessing from You
I have the assurance that Your love is true

Thank You Lord for my family dear
The ones away, the ones near
Thank You for the true friends I have found
You sent them to me when trials abound
Those whom have prayed a little longer
For the ones I love to be stronger

Thank You Lord for Your healing touch
For each friend and those I love so much
Those that have Faith and Love in You
Strengthed me in times of need to begin anew
My Prayer is their lives and mine shall always be
Faithful and believing always in Thee
When it seems my load is heavy and trials will not cease

Thank You sweet Lord for Your Anchor of Peace
It seems I depend on You more each day
To listen to Your answers as I pray
Each day and night I shall say,
Thank You Lord for long as I live

My life is in Your hands, my soul to You I give
On this day that comes our way

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Alv0808 berkata...

Thank you God for your unconditional love and thank you Ronnie for the nice quote. Merry Christmas and blessed New Year